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10 Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

Calcium for Vegans

Calcium at any given age and life choices is a necessity. This is because it is essential for bone strength. Calcium rich vegan foods are green leafy vegetables, tofu and other fortified soy products and orange juice to name a few. The amount of calcium needed for our bones to remain strong is about 1000-1200 milligrams per day. So the popular conception that milk is the only source of calcium can be contrasted with plant sources of calcium that are also rich in vitamin C and K and even a few important minerals such as potassium and selenium. Calcium is important not only for bones but for strong teeth and enunciate blood clotting process and providing control and strength to body muscles. So what are the best vegan sources of calcium?

10 Best Vegan Sources Of Calcium

  1. Hemp Milk

Milk is synonymous to calcium. Calcium rich vegan foods include soy-milk and hemp milk that is a richer source of calcium. There is a plus to hemp milk as it is an easy alternative for people who cannot take nut or soy-milk given medical history. Hemp milk contains vitamins B-12, and vitamins A, D and vitamin E and the omega 3s. Hemp milk is easy to take as you can mix it with your morning coffee or take a glass. You can even make smoothies using hemp milk. You can mix other seeds such as sunflower seeds with hemp milk to make smoothies.

NOTE – Hemp milk contains 428 mgs of calcium.

  1. Leafy Green Vegetables

Collard greens such as turnips, kale and spinach are great sources of protein and calcium. It is common to add green leafy veggies in your vegan diet and calcium rich vegan foods such as these are well known. You could use cooked spinach to make spaghetti or use kale juice for breakfast with kale salad with veggies for lunch.  You can also include pak choi and spring greens to your diet as they also count as calcium rich vegan foods.

NOTE – Kale contains 180 mg of calcium and collard greens contains from 350-400mg of calcium.

  1. Blackstrap Molasses

Among other calcium rich vegan foods blackstrap molasses is quite popular. It is used as a natural sweetener and a by-product of sugar cane while it is turned into refined sugar. Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of calcium, manganese, potassium and copper which also makes it rich in minerals. It also helps in controlling muscles and takes care of nerves as it balances calcium with intake. There could be many sweet dishes that can be made with blackstrap molasses such as tarts and cakes and can be combined with cacao or pomegranates to make delicious desserts.

NOTE – Blackstrap molasses contains 200mgs of protein per two tablespoons.

  1. Veggies (fennel, broccoli)

Vegetables such as broccoli, fennel seeds or artichoke are considered calcium rich vegan foods. Broccoli can be used in a number of ways such as in salads and pastas or even stir-fried. You can use fennel in your salad and even make pizzas with artichoke. There could be many savoury recipes with veggies rich in calcium.

NOTE – Fennel seeds contain about 50-60mgs of calcium, broccoli stalk contains over 70mgs of calcium and artichoke (cooked) about 54 mgs of calcium.

  1. Nut Butter

Almond nut butter is also considered amongst best calcium rich vegan foods. This qualifies as a snack alternative if you top it with bananas or fortified cereals and can also be used in different desserts. You can even make almond nut butter at home!

NOTE – Almond nut butter contains 85 mgs of calcium per two tablespoons.

  1. Beans

Kidney beans, soya beans or pinto beans designate both protein and calcium. White beans are also in the category of calcium rich vegan foods and can be used in veggie burgers or soups. You can even use spreads made of white beans and use it in potato burgers or other savouries.

NOTE – White beans have over 110mgs of calcium and 1 cup of soybeans contain 175mgs of calcium.

  1. Figs, Dates and Black Currants

Black currants are calcium rich and also rich in minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Black currants can be used in frozen desserts and it also gives you so many health benefits. Figs are the best source of calcium too, you can try figs in ice creams and many other forms such as fig cheesecakes! Dried figs are useful and so are fresh figs. Blackberries too account for good calcium intake.

NOTE – Black currant fruit contains 62 mgs of calcium per cup, figs (high calcium rich vegan foods) contains 120 mgs of calcium, dates contain 35mgs of calcium and blackberries contain 40mgs of calcium.

  1. Tahini or Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are one of the best calcium rich vegan foods that is also rich in amino acids (protein). Sesame seeds have the presence of manganese, copper and essential minerals and thus qualify as a wholesome vegan food. It is easy to find in the market and can be used to sprinkle on many dishes such as baked foods or stir fried noodles etc. Tahini (sesame seed paste) can be used in hummus and dressings for various salads. It can also be used in desserts too.

NOTE – Sesame seeds contain over 150 mgs of calcium.

  1. Chia seeds

More from the seeds family, calcium rich vegan foods include chia seeds. Chia seeds can beat fish or meat laden proteins as it is also rich in omega 3 acids and comes across as a high source of protein albeit calcium. It is rich in manganese and boron which allows calcium balance and absorption in the body. You can buy chia seeds online easily and can crush and sprinkle on your breakfast cereal or even use to thicken porridges. It is water soluble.

NOTE – Chia seeds contain over 170 mgs of calcium.

  1. Tofu or Tempeh

Tofu or tempeh is no secret to vegan foods. Tempeh (another soy product) is used in many savoury dishes and is considered very healthy because it is very less processed. It is considered as whole food and is used in soy burgers and salads.

NOTE – Tempeh consists over 210 grams of calcium.

So next time you are worried about your calcium intake because you are vegan, refer this list and supplement your calcium requirements with ease.

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