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Anavar – Innovative or Run of the Mill

Steroids- a term considered inevitable when it comes performance enhancement in sports in general and bodybuilding in particular. Use of steroids has shown both positive as well as negative effectover a period of time depending on the way they are used (or abused). As of today there are 32 different types of steroids that are commonly used worldwide indifferent forms.

Anavar-a quick look:

Anavar also scientifically known as Oxandrolone is one type of anabolic steroid that is increasingly being used for losing body weight and gaining lean muscle mass in the sport of body building.Anavar, like most anabolic steroids was initially used not only for muscle gain and fat loss but also for other conditions like hereditary angioedema and anemia.Anavar steroid was first made by Searle labs in 1964 with an end goalof promoting muscle regrowth in HIV/AIDS related issues. But due to negative publicity and substance abuse the production was later shut down in 1989.However in late 90s the production of the drug began under the name of Oxandrin by Savient pharmaceuticals with FDA approval. Till date purchasing of this drug without prescription is illegal. Over a period of time Anavar has gained popularity in both male as well as female body builders alike. One can experience pretty impressive weight loss transformations after using Anavar.

Anavar which was initially introduced for medical purpose also has the ability to alleviate bone pain which is caused due to osteoporosis.Although dosage would vary according to the person as well as other correlated factors. But as per the recommended dosage of Anavar, 0.125mg a day per kilogram of body weight is what required for a male bodybuilder or athlete. And the female athletes would need much lesser than that. Anavar has also been nick named as a girl steroid because it does not cause virilization, a more serious condition in which females after a prolonged use would experience a side effect leading to the developmentof secondary male characteristics.

Anavar:watch out for the side effects.

Even though the benefits of Anavar are far better one still has to consider the risk factor, there are quite a fair amount of side effects that need to be noted while consumingAnavar.Although the ideal approach would be to avoid taking any kind of steroid be it Anavar or something else without a physician’ssupervision and secondly any steroid that is over consumed or taken in excessive amounts to improve physical appearanceor to enhance performance can be hazardous to health which may lead to serious medical issues, Anavar is also not an exception when it comes to the dosage part. Other side effects that can be seen commonly are headache, nausea, acnes. Last but on a serious note use of Anavar should be completely prohibited if the people suffering from medical conditions like kidney failure, breast cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure. Nevertheless if consumed properly under supervision Anavar can be considered as one of the best steroid for body weight loss and muscle mass gain available in the market.

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