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An Application Gel for Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone hormone has a key role and is very important for men’s health. It supports and is responsible for muscle and bone growth, sex drive and other characteristics of men physically and mentally. This hormone naturally declines as age increases and so is the reason for some health issues seen in men in old age. It is important to maintain testosterone level that is sufficient enough to the body. There are several forms of testosterone hormone therapies available now. One such testosterone supplement is available in gel form. Tostran 2% Gel is the topical gel form of testosterone which helps to increase the testosterone level. This gel is applied to the skin and is absorbed into the skin thus helps in adding to the testosterone level. Health problems occurred due to the lack of sufficient testosterone hormone can be replaced using this gel easily.

Application, uses and Results of using this gel:

Tostran 2% Gel is used as a supplement for androgen testosterone in male patients who are suffering from male hypogonadism. The level of testosterone can be found using some clinical tests and also low level of this hormone has some symptoms like infertility, fatigue, depression, low bone density etc. This gel should not be used by men under 18 years and for adults this is applied only once daily preferably morning at same time. Generally this is applied on abdomen and inner thighs. One area should not target daily for application and it is best to rotate the application areas to avoid side effects on the skin. One gram of this gel has 20mg testosterone. One press from the canister gives 0.5 gram that is equal to 10mg testosterone. Recommended dose of this gel is 3 gram that is 60 mg testosterone which is to be applied daily. The dose should not exceed 4 gram that is 80mg testosterone. Gel should be applied on the dry, clean area preferably after bath. The dose is given according to the age of the person and older people are given higher doses because of less testosterone level. Using and storing the canister should be taken care of.

Usually the results are seen from around four weeks and depend on person to person. It shows great results on a person with hypogonadism on regular applications. This also improves other health conditions like impotence, infertility, sex drive, energy levels, depression etc. As any other hormonal replacement treatments has some side effects this also shows some, but the side effects on the person seen more on skin. It is important to follow the right instructions of using the gel given and told by doctor without fail. It should be used with intense caution only when low level of testosterone is clinically proved. The level of testosterone should be monitored at regular intervals of time during treatment and accordingly the dosage must be adjusted individually to maintain correct levels of this hormone. This is not the proper treatment for infertility and impotence in male. This gel treatment improves the health issues from low testosterone hormone. This treatment is not meant to women and pregnant or lactating women should not come in touch with person treated with gel therapy. This should not be applied on genitals directly. Anyone with prostate cancer also should not take this treatment. The other changes that can be seen during treatment are dry skin, rashes, skin irritation, swollen hands and feet, increased body hair growth, high blood pressure etc. Any other serious side effects should be immediately reported to the doctor for the adjustment of dose.

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