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Before Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is considered an elective surgery. This means that the surgeries are not essential or important for the physical well being of an individual. The decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery is personal. Every surgery involves some level of risk and side effects and cosmetic surgery is no exception. We choose cosmetic surgeries to feel confident and happy about some physical features. These beauty enhancing procedures often involve surgeries, but there are some procedures which might not involve going under the knife. Some aesthetic procedures will simply use injections and some other procedures might use advanced technologies like laser for pigmentation, hair removal, etc.

Cosmetic surgery can provide a solution for many of the common appearance issues. The problems of visually repealing scars, prominent moles, acne, aging, wrinkles, detanning and pigmentation can be solved by procedures that do not require surgery in the traditional sense. Nose lift, face lift, reshaping of any body part and augmentation and reduction (breast, buttocks) will invariably require surgeries and sutures. The complexity of the solution depends on the result you want to achieve and the method through which you want to achieve it.

Choose The Right Surgeon

Even among cosmetic surgeries, there are too many differences. Hence you should choose a surgeon who has experience in the procedures you are interested in. You can choose a surgeon who is accredited by the board of cosmetic surgeons. Make sure that the surgeon is licensed to perform surgeries by the Health Authority Licensing Board in Dubai. You should be able to explain your expectations to the surgeon. The doctor should be able to explain the different choices available to you and what each of the choice will entail. The choice of the surgeon is one you will have to live with for your life time; hence you should take some time in choosing the right person. Asking for references and then checking out the work the surgeon has done before will help you choose the right person for the job.

Understand The Procedure

Before you choose an aesthetic surgery, you should understand what the procedure involves. Your doctor is the best person to talk about this. There could be different procedures available for a single goal. For instance, if the goal is to make your facial skin look supple and young, you can either choose to undergo a facelift surgery or use Botox treatments or even get a satisfied result with dermal fillers. Make sure that you understand all the risks, complications and side effects involved with each procedure.

Choose The Right Clinic

In addition to the surgeon who will perform your surgery, the facility in which the surgery will be performed is also of importance. The basic thing you can check for is the license held by the clinic or hospital. If the beauty clinic chosen is licensed by the health authority board, chances are that the facility is equipped to handle surgeries. In addition, you can visit the clinic and check the hygiene standards and have a consultation with the anesthetist if you will be under anesthesia for the course of your procedure. If you are undergoing procedures like laser hair removal or skin re-surfacing, you will have to find a clinic that specializes in laser treatments.

Understand Cost & Times

Aesthetic surgeries are not routinely covered by insurance. Hence you will be shelling out the cost involved from your own pocket. Understand the total cost involved including post operative treatments and post consulting sessions. Also you should consider the time your normal routine has to be disrupted before and after surgery. This might involve the healing time for the wound and the time taken for your new features to blend in.

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