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Checklist to Starting Your Own Health and Fitness Facility

You may be a personal trainer for quite some time now, and you’re now the go-to person at a local gym because of all the health and fitness tips you give to your clients. Now, you’ve been thinking a lot about one particular thing – starting your very own health and fitness facility. It might be scary to think at first because of all the work that’s associated with starting a new business, but the rewards of starting the new gym will definitely be nothing short of rewarding.

When you have a health and fitness facility to call your very own, then you can be your personal boss, own a gym facility, make the rules, work whenever you want, workout whenever you want, and, perhaps the best benefit of them all, you can get to keep all the hard-earned income gained from the business. But before you excitedly go out of your current job to create a health and fitness facility, make sure that you take care of the necessary requirements first.

A Business Plan 

The backbone of any business venture no matter what industry is a business plan. In here, you’re going to list down a ton of details that’ll tell you that your decisions will be for the best. When creating your business plan, you need to do research on what your health and fitness facility should focus. Will it be mainly for cardiovascular training, or perhaps you want to make it into a gym with boxing or other contact sports to become the main focus? You should also have a mission statement that’ll guide you in every decision-making process you have to go through. Other things to include in your business plan include the following: competition, goals (and the time it takes to achieve them), and all the necessary investments (i.e. used treadmills, dumbbells, barbells, and other pieces of gym equipment).

Money or Capital

Many businesses require quite a bit of starting capital to get everything started as smooth as possible. To set your expectations straight, gym and fitness equipment are expensive. You can, however, save up on cash by buying used but quality equipment from reliable sources. If you’re going to rent a place for the business, then it’s safe to say that this is going to be your biggest expense. If you have the right money to start the venture, then it’s best to have the facility on a plot of land you own so you can do away with all expenses regarding rent.


Even if you’re going to register your facility under a sole proprietorship, it doesn’t mean that you have to do every task with nothing but your two hands. You should hire the right people to help make your new business remain afloat. Hire individuals for accounting, maintenance, advertising or marketing, and perhaps even a secretary. If you’re going to set up a reasonably large gym, then you’d better include some trainers while you’re at it.

A Network

If you want to make your life easier than before in trying to start your new health and fitness facility, then reach out to others who have already gone through the same or similar process that you’re experiencing right now. Many individuals are more than willing to give you proper advice and to steer you in the right direction.

Finally, make sure that starting a gym or health and fitness club is something that you’re very passionate about. Never pursue any business if you don’t love what you’re doing just for the sake of acquiring money because you’ll ultimately get tired of it in the long run.

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