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Dental Care

Dental Implants Bring Back Smiles

Do you feel self-conscious when you smile? Or do you avoid smiling altogether? If you want to improve the looks of your smile, you need to review the cosmetic options that are available to you today. However, these cosmetic applications are not performed for aesthetics alone. They are also undertaken to enhance your dental health as well.

Adding Implants to Improve Your Smile

One of the innovative improvements that can be made to enhance a smile is the addition of implants. Implants are used to take care of missing teeth or tooth loss that has occurred because of injury, decay, or periodontal disease. At one time, the only dental option available for correcting tooth loss was dentures or bridges. However, advancements make it possible to enjoy a more permanent solution.

Practices such as Wokingham Smiles feature implants for their patients or prosthetic tooth roots for removable or fixed artificial teeth. The teeth that are affixed to the implants are designed to resemble natural teeth. As a result, patients experience a number of benefits when they choose to have dental implants in Reading installed to enhance their smiles.

After all, Reading is home to many major companies that require that employees look professional and keep up their appearances. Some of these companies include ING Direct, Oracle, and Microsoft. They all maintain headquarters in this commercial hub in southern England.

Why Implant Surgery Is Popular

That is why implant surgery is a popular dental procedure in Reading. Patients who opt for this type of surgery though dental providers such as Wokingham Smiles enjoy the following benefits.

  • Better appearance. Implants improve the smile and look just like real teeth. Plus, the implants fuse with the bone so they are permanent restorations.
  • Better speech. When someone has implants added, he or she can speak more fluidly and with less difficulty. So, you may want to get rid of your ill-fitting dentures and have dental implants inserted instead. If dentures slip in your mouth, it can cause you to mispronounce your words, which can be embarrassing as well. You will not experience this problem when you opt for implants.
  • Better eating. You can also eat more easily when you have implants. As a result, chewing is less difficult. Because dental implants function as real teeth, they permit you to eat foods with much more confidence.
  • Better self-esteem. When you have dental implants installed, the process gives you back your As a result, you feel more confident communicating as well as feel better about yourself. You do not have to feel self-conscious when you opt for this dental enhancement.
  • Better oral health. Again, dental implants also improve your dental health. Also, this type of procedure does not necessitate the reduction of any teeth, as a bridge might. Therefore, the adjacent teeth are not altered in order to support an implant. Overall, your dental hygiene improves when this type of improvement is made.

As you can see, the decision is easy when it comes to having implants installed to take care of tooth loss. You can obtain further details from practices such as Wokingham Smiles that feature the procedure. Make an appointment today to review the process and proceed with therapy.

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