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Is Getting a Permanent Tattoo During The Course of Pregnancy a Sensible Idea?

Are you considering a permanent tattoo to show off your pregnancy?  This could be for any other reason as well. Then read the following information before you proceed to the nearest tattoo parlour. Some risks are there before you think of getting yourself exposed to the tattoo machine.

Have a one on one discussion with your doctor.

The general advice that doctors provide is for mothers to avoid tattoos during pregnancy. The body of each woman is different and you are not aware on how the inks or dyes are going to react on the body. The limited number of chemicals is not that harmful for the baby, but it can go on to have an impact on the baby for sure. So any permanent tattoo in pregnant stages is not recommended and this is the case till you reach the last stages of pregnancy. Doctors generally advise you to wait till your pregnancy is over before you plan to avail a tattoo.

If you decide to opt for a tattoo during pregnancy then you would need to give due considerations to the above facts.  If the doctor has given a nod for a permanent or semi-permanent tattoo when pregnant then exercises the following precautions.  Do keep in mind the following suggestions

  • Do not commit the mistake of choosing a tattoo artist who is not licensed or registered. You would need to be aware of the fact that the artist is licensed, trained and experienced
  • In the tattoo parlour there needs to be an autoclave. It goes by the name of sterilizing unit and everything about the place needs to be clean. Do pay a couple of unexpected visits to this place and find out whether enough attention is paid to the hygiene part.
  • It is indeed fun to be inked but you would need to pay attention to small things. The artist should pay attention to small things and they should only disposable needles. The inks that are being used by the tattoo artist should be packed, and sealed.

If you are not sure of having a tattoo

If you have decided to make a visit to a tattoo parlour then give some thought to your decision making a careful though needs to be put in place as the chances of an infection are on the higher side. An example would be HIV during this process and it would not be a bad idea to wait till the baby is born. Coupled with the fact that there is very limited amount of information that is available on whether the skin dyes are going to harm the baby or not. In the first few weeks of pregnancy you would need to be cautious about numerous things and that includes tattoo ink as well. The small studies that have been conducted in this domain have gone on to yield inconclusive results till now.

You would need to understand that tattoos are for life. So take a decision after a lot of thought.

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