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Why Your Pregnancy May Cause You Long Term Health Problems

For most women, pregnancy is a wonderful time in their lives, but there are physical factors that can result in health problems down the line. Pregnancy places a lot of pressure on certain parts of a woman’s body. These pressures can often cause long term chronic health issues that can lead to other more acute problems. Fortunately, many of these issues can be identified early and treated through specific courses of exercise as devised by a qualified physiotherapist.

Living Life after Your Pregnancy

There’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying the glow and wonder of your pregnancy. It is a wonderful time in one’s life and every moment should certainly be cherished closely. However, it is also wise to be aware of at least some of the physical health issues that can be a direct result of the pressure a pregnancy places on one’s body. Here is a short list of some of the most common health issues experienced by many women in the years after pregnancy:

  • Pelvic muscles: A woman’s pelvic floor muscles can cause a variety of problems, including incontinence and lack of enjoyment during sexual intercourse. The pressure that is placed on the pelvic floor during pregnancy is enormous, and this can lead to a weakening of vascular systems in the area and a weakening of the muscles themselves. A thorough and detailed assessment by a qualified physiotherapist who specialises in continence issues and pelvic floor weakness can determine a long term exercise regimen that will increase strength in this often neglected area of the body.
  • Mastitis: Blocked milk ducts are not an uncommon occurrence in mothers who are in the process of breastfeeding. The problem is that it can be a very painful condition that leads to a tender swelling of the local area, pain, and infection. This is especially troublesome for new mothers who feel guilty if they have trouble breastfeeding their baby due to the pain associated with mastitis and blocked milk ducts. A qualified physiotherapist can help determine the cause of pain in this area and come up with a proactive plan to reduce the pain and treat the infected area.
  • Wounds and cuts: For many women who have given birth, the wounds sustained during either natural or Caesarean childbirth can be painful. They may take some time to heal properly and in some cases, the tearing that has occurred during childbirth can be extremely painful and cause acute discomfort. A women’s health physio in Perth can treat these areas with a low-level laser therapy that is designed to speed up the healing process.

Living a Better Life after Childbirth

As guilty as many mothers feel about attending to their own health after having children, it is important to understand the pressure that pregnancy places on the body and what health problems it can cause. By seeking the right treatment, life after childbirth does not have to be filled with pain or discomfort.

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