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Skin care and beauty enhancing products have a long history dating back thousands of years. Going beyond written history, archaeologists have found evidence of skin decoration and skin care in several cultures. While some activity may have been focused on attracting attention or even intimidating enemies in battle, there is also an indication that our ancestors put emphasis on the proper care of the skin.

People in Egypt and Turkey (and surrounding areas) used rouge and lipstick materials but they also seem to have used stones, copper, and other items for their health properties. This activity wasn’t limited to the wealthy or to community leaders as evidence is found in the most common burial sites. Some of the earliest materials included metal ores, water, oil, and animal fat, mixed or alone depending on the specific purpose.

Natural Materials

Many natural materials were used to dye parts of the body for decoration and for colouring the hair. Fragrances were an important part of social and religious ceremonies and activities, especially among the early Hebrew populations. Even the early Bibles mentioned ointments and perfumes in a positive way. Ancient Greece was no stranger to cosmetic powders with skin gloss, hair dyes, and eye shadow proving that the existence of beauty skin care products is not a brand-new idea.

For the past few centuries, people have made important improvements in this area with significant changes in quality and safety of use. In fact, some of the leading providers of fine products have made these changes and improvements their standard method of operation. Beginning with essential oils and massage oils, these industry professionals lead the way in cosmetics, skin care, makeup, and fragrance. One of the most exciting advances in knowledge and technology involves the anti-aging properties of the products.

These improvements and changes are made possible in large part because of the in-house research and development laboratories maintained by industry experts. New products are developed using the resources of plants and other natural materials. The focus during this process is always on respect for people, consumers, and the environment with a long-term vision of superior quality in beauty and skin care.

Expertise, Advice

The leaders in this field don’t hesitate to share the expertise they’ve gathered through several decades. When you visit the website of a well-known developer and supplier of fine products, you’ll also have access to valuable information on application methods and have the opportunity to create your personalised routine with professional beauty consultations.

For those wanting to know more about the natural materials used to produce premium-quality skin care products, a section is provided on such items as katafray, cornflower, quinoa, red algae, bitter orange, green coffee, coconut, Goji berry, and many more. You’ll discover that there is a long scientific path from plant to product, which gives the customer an in-depth look behind the scenes. Learn more about extraction, formulation, testing procedures, and production.

Perhaps the best benefit, in addition to the quality of the products, is free delivery when you reach a certain order level. Learn more when you visit the extensive website. Good choice.

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