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Testosterone – Good or Bad For Body?

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in the male body as it is developed in the male testes. It helps in the many functions of the body which is otherwise not easily possible.If the level of this hormone is not as prescribed, then the doctor tries to increase it with a few medications that help to boost the hormone production. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland that is situated at the back of the brain and helps in the production. It is also found in women’s ovaries in some cases. The doctors suggest some testosterone replacement therapy which can be taken orally and through injections as well. This therapy helps the massive increases in testosterone.

Good effects and bad effects

Testosterone helps in the process to function the body parts and the quality of life along with affecting fertility in case of low levels. The usual levels are present in males but it can be difficult for a few to get the functions done. It is necessary for all to keep a check on the balance between the right levels in the body. This will not only help in the physical but the emotional and mental wellness and health of the person. It is necessary for you to consult with your medical practitioner about these conditions and the effects these drugs would have on your health. These drugs help massive increases in testosterone levels and make it a positive treatment for the body. The level of testosterone in the body is just fine to make all the functions be performed. Testosterone comes in many forms such as oral, gels and injections. But it depends on the person to choose from one of the options. The oral form passes through the liver and can be a damaging effect of taken in high doses.

Testosterone is not just a medical requirement but it is also used by many body builders and athletes who wish to scale new highs. It gives their body a boost to start performing in a different manner. This is the reason it is considered as a prescription only drug which is injectable in the muscles to make it function at high levels. This method is used by people who have normal levels of testosterone too but wish to increase it to reach to the next level.If you consume them orally then it passes through your liver which can have devastating effects on the body in the long run. It can stop the production of testosterone in your body completely as the pituitary gland will get a signal that the testosterone is present and needs no more production. This will deteriorate the current natural method. You can also see some side effects such as deepening of voice or development of breast tissues or growth of hair in the face and body which is not otherwise seen. Therefore, it is mostly not recommended for women. So make sure you use it in the right way to help your body.

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