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Things you need to know about Depo Testosterone and its usage

Depo testosterone cypionate is one of the synthetic drugs created in the laboratory and as a form of testosterone. The drugs are well condoned on the medical scenarios, as the steroidal use due to low T levels can mean hypogonadism in men. These drugs are made for intramuscular injection and it is one of the prescription-only drugs classified as a Schedule III controlled substance and has the potential for misuse, abuse and overuse.

The adult dose of Depo-testosterone taken by bodybuilders is entirely for nonmedical reasons. People start having muscle gains and overall improvement in performance and body composition. The drug is purchased as Depo testosterone 200 mg, the potential users must first lean what the drug is and how it affects in the body – in both good and bad ways.

What is Depo Testosterone Cypionate?

The Depo testosterone Cypionate is numbered as one of the several forms of testosterone injections. The drug is used by doctors for testosterone replacement therapy, and bodybuilders use the drug for bodybuilding. Before you consider using the steroid, you must be aware of the warnings and cautions.

The brand generic name of Depo testosterone Pfizer is testosterone Cypionate, and the name is often called Depo testosterone Cypionate. You can recognize the drug by the chemical name of C27H40O3. There are more names to the drug like Depovirin, Pertestis, DepAndro 100 and Testosterone cyclopentylpropionate.

Cypionate is an ester than is attached to the base form of synthetic drugs like testosterone and that influences the rate at which the drug absorbs or disseminates into the body. The drug is chemically defined as an ester of testosterone that has eight carbons.

The Depo testosterone Cypionate is one of the testosterones that influence on decreasing the production of estrogen in our body. Men need to know that the primary male hormone is predominant, and that they also have small amounts of estrogen for maintain balances of two sex characteristics. Similarly, women have estrogen primarily in their body, but also have tiny amounts of testosterone in them. The main mechanism of action of testosterone cypionate is to maintain the male sex characteristics.

Depo Testosterone Dosage

The testosterone injection dosages in the medical world are different from the ones related to bodybuilding. Depo testosterone 200 mg to 250 mg is common, if they are from the pharmaceutical grade solutions. Some of the black market resources and underground labs create different milligram strengths and those can be at times as high as 300 mg per milliliter. Note that the higher the dosage is, the high the risk of the side effect also is.

Where to buy?

Research well about the supplier before buying the drug from anywhere, and it is not right to turn to people you can’t trust. You must be aware of the risks of buying the drug from less reputable sources, you could fall under the trap of buying counterfeit goods. You also need to know the adult dose of Depo-testosterone to know what exactly to buy.

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