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How to use a digital thermometer to take your body temperature?

We know that normal body temperature range is 98.6 degrees F – 99 degrees F. Any fluctuation from this range is a sign of something not well inside or with the body. In fact, body temperature is a good indication of health so we use a thermometer to check fever to find out if everything is fine.

High temperature denotes that there is fever and then we have to take medication for that. Before consulting a doctor, we can accurately measure the temperature using a thermometer. We can use the thermometer in three ways – by mouth, rectum and underarm – to measure the temperature and be sure about the fever or lack of it.

Ways to take body temperature?

We know there are three ways in which the body temperature can be taken, by mouth, rectum and underarm. Each way has its uniqueness and it depends on a number of factor who it fit for which method. Oral method however is the most preferred of them all.

  • The rectum way is fine for child up to 5 years of age
  • Oral way is also suggested by doctors for children falling between 0-4 years age group
  • Rectal temperature is not suitable in case the child is one month old
  • The oral way is generally used in older children
  • In this method, the temperature may vary if the child has cold or hot drinks before measurement
  • With oral method, it’s important to wait for at least 10-15 minutes from the time the child has eaten or drunk
  • The underarm way of measuring temperature is fit for only infants less than one month old
  • This way is recommended only when other two are not feasible due to some reason

Steps in taking body temperature orally

You can check digital thermometer price and then buy a quality piece to ensure comfort in checking body temperature. Such thermometers are known for their accuracy and reliability, which makes them the most popular in the domain.

Let’s look at steps involved in taking body temperature orally –

  • First of all, clean your hand using soap and warm water
  • Make sure you use only a clean thermometer for accuracy and hygiene purposes
  • Never use the thermometer before washing it in cold water and then cleaning with rubbing alcohol
  • Make sure the thermometer is rinsed to remove the alcohol
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything for 10-15 minutes before taking the temperature
  • Some doctor also advise to have the mouth close during the preparatory period for taking temperature
  • Now, gently place the tip of the device under the tongue
  • Let the device be in the same place for close to 1 minute
  • You will then seem a spike in the readings and the F symbol will flash accordingly
  • You have to wait till the device makes a beeping noise or voice as it indicates final reading is done
  • You can now get the readings and analyze the result
  • Now, put away the device after rinsing in cold water and then cleaning with alcohol

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