Hot Drink Recipes for Barista-Quality Beverages

Creamy hot chocolate in glass mug on granite worktop with black back ground made in Vitamix aer disc blender

Our Vitamix blender is a whizz at whipping up a whole host of delicious recipes, from hot soups and thick smoothies to fresh sauces and creamy dips it can do it all. The exciting addition of the 1.4l Aer Disc container expands the Vitamix’s capacity even further, allowing you to muddle, whip, foam and emulsify to your heart’s delight. This is perfect for creating those barista-standard hot beverages, from foamy cappuccinos to decadent hot chocolates, you can now whip up your favourite cafe order in minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Alongside whipping up impressive beverages in minutes, your Vitamix blender can also blend coffee beans — proving how multi-functional your Vitamix is, from coffee grinder to milk foamer its limits are few. So whatever your drink of choice may be, from a rich hot chocolate to a spicy chai latte, these easy Vitamix Aer Disc recipes have you covered.

Hot Chocolate
You can’t go wrong with a simple yet delicious hot chocolate. This drink is perfect on a cold winter’s day and only requires two simple ingredients, making it an irresistible beverage just waiting to be sipped. If you fancy experimenting with some flavoured alternatives, then why not try this Peppermint Hot Chocolate for a minty take on the traditional beverage, or this nutty Hazelnut Hot Chocolate for all the Nutella-lovers?

Why take a drink to your local coffee shop when you can create barista-level coffee from the comfort of your own home? This cappuccino recipe uses the aeration container to create that unique milk foam that cappuccinos and macchiatos are well known for – delicious.

Hot Chai Latte
Ready for a different yet still flavourful option than coffee? Try this light and airy foamed tea beverage, created with only three simple ingredients, it’s a quick, simple drink that doesn’t compromise on its creamy texture or delicious flavour.

Peppermint Mocha
This is the perfect recipe to make during those chilly winter months to enjoy the seasonal peppermint flavour paired with rich chocolate and coffee for a decadent twist on your standard mocha.

Atole de Almendra
This is a soul-warming drink, perfect for the colder months, that is lightly flavoured by the almond, and thickened with masa. Add a touch more sugar for a sippable dessert.

Matcha Skim Foam
The Aer Disc container has the unique ability to foam and whip ingredients, making a perfect skim or non-dairy whipped topping for your hot or cold brewed coffees or teas. If matcha is your thing, then this delicious Matcha Skim Foam recipe is definitely one to try. Made with just two ingredients and taking only ten minutes to make, it’s an easy and healthy drink recipe to be enjoyed mid-morning or early afternoon for a little pick-me-up.

Enjoy a moment to yourself with one of these wonderful hot drinks, or share with friends to impress your guests with a barista-standard beverage without leaving your front door. Discover other delicious drink recipes and explore what else your Vitamix blender is capable of here.