What foods help your body recover after a tough workout?

Consuming the correct nutrients after a tough workout, can really help your body to repair your muscle proteins and rebuild its glycogen stores. Supporting your recovery with the right foods to help your body heal (especially after an intense session at the gym), and being intentional with the amount of carbs and proteins that you add to your diet can be incredibly beneficial!

It feels only natural to begin by discussing the importance of protein. Adding protein into your diet as a post workout snack, or meal, is a fantastic way to aid your body’s recovery. Whole foods such as nut butters, tofu, legumes and lentils, lean meats, seafood and fish, and eggs are just some foods that are known for being high in protein.

The vitamix blender is your perfect companion for making a tasty, and protein-rich, smoothie or shake. It’s unique container and blade design creates the perfect consistency and texture, time and time again – so if it’s creamy you’re after, then it’s creamy you’re going to get. Why not give this peanut butter berry smoothie a try? It’s delicious and has a fair amount of protein per glass, with 6g per serving.

PRO TIP: For an extra hit of protein, why not add a scoop of a plant-based protein powder from Form Nutrition to your smoothie!

Whether you’re an exercise fanatic or more of a weekend-warrior, supplying your body with the correct nutrients and foods to support your recovery can be incredibly beneficial. There are plenty of foods out there that have been shown to support recovery. From cherry-juice to starchy vegetables there are many ways to incorporate recovery-assisting foods into your diet. Salads and soups – such as this Carrot Ginger Tofu Soup (with tofu for added protein) – are great ways to get a great amount of vegetables in your diet!

Studies show that juices such as beet, pomegranate, tart cherry and watermelon have nutritional value that assists with facilitating muscle recovery. Why not use your Vitamix blender to create a delicious yet wonderfully nutritious juice or smoothie to enjoy after a workout? Like this Freshly Minted Berry Smoothie or this Blackberry Beet Smoothie Bowl both packed with goodness and with 4g of protein per portion they’re great post-workout energy boosters.

Here are 6 easy steps to create the perfect post-workout smoothie. Follow this formula by NYC-based Registered Dietitian, Natalie Rizzo, for a great after workout drink:

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From tart cherry juice to tofu there are many foods that assist with your post-workout recovery. Next time you’ve hit it hard at the gym, make sure to reach for a snack that’s going to help you heal. Or enjoy a protein packed and hydrating smoothie, to re-fuel, re-hydrate and recover. Focus on protein, treat your body right, and arguably most importantly make sure to fuel your body well. After all you, and your body, deserve it!