Top 5 recipes to impress a date that take 30 minutes or less

Man and woman in kitchen making a meal for their dinner date with fresh ingredients in their Vitamix Blender

So, you’ve arranged a date – Day? Sorted. Time? Sorted. Outfit? Sorted. Location? Sorted. Meal? TBD! Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, showing your love through a surprise midweek meal, or wooing that special someone on a first date these speedy healthy meal ideas are sure to impress.

With your Vitamix blender at hand, these 5 romantic meal recipes shall be sure to wow your lucky companion. All taking 30 minutes or less, they’re quick, fuss-free and undoubtedly delicious (as well as being perfect for the summer season). From entrées to decadent desserts we’ve got you covered, right from that first mouthful through to the very last.

Peach Bellini
Total time: 15 minutes
Start your evening with a flirty, fruity Peach Bellini. A smooth, peach purée is the base for this Italian champagne cocktail.The champagne can be swapped for prosecco depending on your preference, or make it a mocktail with a sparkling white grape juice for a non-alcoholic version. Here’s to good food and even better company – cheers to that!

Pro tip: why not try your hand at a selection of different cocktails or mocktails? Your Vitamix blender is ideal for frozen daiquiris or margaritas.

Tropical Avocado Salsa:
Total time: 10 minutes
Pack a punch with this fresh and fruity appetiser. The addition of mango and orange to your typical salsa dip adds a tropical twist to this sweet and chunky garnish. It’s quick and fantastically easy to make, and can be paired perfectly with warm tortilla chips, pitta bread or your veggies of choice.

Pro tip: this works beautifully as an appetiser, or as a great addition to your main entrée. Why not try it alongside grilled meat, fish, vegetables or alongside fajitas or tacos?

Asparagus and Cashew Cream Soup:
Total time: 15 minutes 45 seconds
Taking less than 16 minutes to make, this Asparagus and Cashew Cream Soup is the perfect quick yet wonderfully delicious way to start your meal. It’s fresh and creamy in equal measures, offering as a great vegan alternative to the classic French Cream of Asparagus Soup. Adding the roasted cashews creates a beautiful creamy-ness and texture to your soup; with the unique design of your Vitamix blender helping you produce a silky consistency.

Pro tip: enjoy with this delicious French Bread (best served warm).

Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo:
Total time: 16 minutes
Pasta is always a winner, you’ll be sure to impress with this spicy Alfredo. Made with soft tofu, this silken sauce offers an unexpected variety to traditional fettuccine. Blending the ingredients for 6 minutes in your Vitamix blender heats the sauce, meaning it is ready to serve immediately. Serve over hot fettuccine, or your pasta of choice, for a deliciously flavourful and wholesome meal.

Pro tip: Garnish with fresh basil 

Raspberry Ice cream:
Total time: 11 minutes
The perfect end to any meal, this ice cream is a delicious balance of sweet and refreshing. Consisting of only 4 ingredients and taking only 11 minutes and 2 steps to make, it’s incredibly quick and hassle-free whilst not compromising on flavour. Using almond milk (or any milk alternative), it’s also dairy-free and vegan. Why not serve with a rich chocolate dessert like our Vegan Avocado Chocolate Torte, the fresh and zesty tastes of this ice cream will complement the deep chocolate flavours perfectly!

Pro tip: be sure not to over blend and serve immediately to prevent melting.

Give these recipes a go and be sure to impress your lucky date. Romantic date night in = sorted!