Seven Delicious Summer Smoothie Drinks

selection of different coloured smoothies made in Vitamix blender

Is there any better time to enjoy a refreshing smoothie than summer? I think not. Quick and easy to blend in your Vitamix blender, these naturally-tasty drinks are the perfect healthy beverage on a warm summers day. So why not try these delicious and nutritious recipes for a delicious breakfast option or mid-afternoon refresher.

Good Morning Green Smoothie:
Begin your day with this vibrant breakfast smoothie! The grapes and kiwi balance the broccoli and cucumber in this perfectly, making it a great opportunity to sneak extra veggies into your diet.

Pro tip: Add a few chunks of pineapple for extra sweetness, or try adding in some kale or spinach for a bolder colour.

Mango Smoothie:
This sweet and creamy drink is perfect to be enjoyed mid-afternoon in the sunshine. The citrus notes of the mango and orange create a wonderfully tropical flavour making it the perfect summer smoothie – close your eyes and you could be on holiday.

Pro tip: Replace the yoghurt with a coconut or almond milk yoghurt for a dairy-free alternative.

Creamsicle Breakfast Smoothie:
Reminiscent of of the delicious frozen treat (creamsicle popsicles) from which the recipe gets its name, this sweet and creamy smoothie is perfect to enjoy at breakfast time. It’s wonderfully summery and feels like a real treat when drinking, best of all it’s packed full of great, healthy ingredients!

Pro Tip: Make extra and freeze your smoothie in popsicle moulds for a wholesome summer snack.

Four Fruit Smoothie:
Simple yet delicious, this easy four fruit smoothie is sure to hit your summer smoothie-craving spot. Blend fresh orange, pineapple, banana and strawberries along with some water, ice and honey for a refreshing all-natural beverage.

Pro tip: Use frozen fruits for a thicker, creamier consistency.

Fresh Turmeric Smoothie:
Show your immune system some love with this zesty, nutrient-dense drink. Blending fresh ginger and turmeric root, along with water, almonds, orange, pineapple and banana, this refreshing drink is sure to pack a punch!

Pro tip: For a more juice-style drink, simply omit the banana.

Summer Splash Smoothie:
The refreshing combination of melons, peaches, and pineapple bring the taste of summer in a juicy smoothie. This easy healthy smoothie is equal parts moreish and nutritious. It’s great to start the day with, or why not serve it at your next summer party as a nourishing alcohol-free alternative?

Pro tip: Add orange juice instead of water for a bolder citrus taste.

Orange Sunrise Blender Drink
Elevate your typical orange juice come breakfast with this fresh Orange Sunrise Drink. This brightly coloured drink is bursting with flavour and packed full of fantastic ingredients, from cumin to carrots it balances whole, raw fruits and veggies just the right amount for the perfect taste.

Pro tip: For a more juice-like consistency, simply strain the drink over a cheesecloth/nut milk bag and enjoy minus the pulp.
Submitted By: Gina Fontana

With the unique design of your Vitamix blender, you’re guaranteed the perfect consistency and texture every time. Making your smoothie drinking experience delicious with each and every sip this summertime and beyond.

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