Did you know that your Vitamix can make ice cream?

Vitamix blender on show, making ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! With the use of your Vitamix blender it’s never been easier to make homemade ice cream in just a matter of minutes. All recipes use real ingredients, so you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what’s in your sweet treat of choice.

These easy Vitamix recipes are simple, tasty and temptingly moreish. From mint pistachio to sweet strawberry, whatever your favourite your Vitamix blender has you covered – creamy homemade ice cream made in minutes, what could be better? All recipes can easily be adjusted to use dairy-free alternatives, meaning that you can still enjoy vegan ice cream whilst enjoying all of the flavours that you love.

If you’re after a refreshingly tangy, sweet and fruity dessert or mid-afternoon healthy snack then this raspberry vegan ice cream is a great choice. Or perhaps this pineapple freeze is more your thing, it’s tropical and incredibly simple to make using only 3 ingredients. With both frozen desserts taking less than 12 minutes to make, they’re ideal for whizzing up on a sunny summer’s evening for a simple vegan dessert for the summer season. 

The mint and pistachio combination are a match made in heaven. It’s a simple dessert idea with a delightful combination of nutty pistachios and refreshing mint for the perfect mid-summers day dessert. This is a popular old classic and offers tastes of maturity, luxury and decadence in each mouthful. Yum.

A mouth-watering twist on a classic family favourite, this apple pie ice cream is bound to be sweetly moreish and nostalgic. With flavours of cinnamon and sweet apple, this ice cream lends itself perfectly to both the summer months well into the cosy evenings of autumn. So why not give this slightly less conventional flavour a try and capture the classic American comfort food in this decadent ice cream?

Pro tip: for an even bolder flavour, try roasting your apples until tender before blending them.

You can never go far wrong with a classic strawberry ice cream, it’s a firm favourite for good reason. Made with real frozen strawberries whilst being irresistibly delicious, it also has the added bonus of being packed full of vitamix C! It’s an easy summer dessert, it’s fresh, creamy and wonderfully dreamy. 

With a thick texture, perfectly sweet and deliciously creamy this banana ice cream is sure to be an all round winner. With subtle notes of caramel and a wonderful creamy-ness it’s perfect to be enjoyed alone or alongside your favourite baked goods, perhaps a gooey sticky toffee pudding or apple tart? Delicious.

Give one (or all) of these vegan dessert ideas a go this summer season. Whatever your ice cream flavour of choice, there’s a recipe waiting for you – after all, your Vitamix blender is capable of far more than smoothie making. The unique design, versatility and power of your Vitamix blender means you can be making hot soup come lunch through to creamy ice cream come dinner. What’s not to love!?