The Best Alfresco Recipe Ideas

Dining outdoor with oil free cherry blue berry thyme dressing salad

After celebrating the Summer Solstice on June 21st, it feels like the summer season is well and truly upon us. As the weather warms and we’re treated to wonderfully long days there feels like no better time to enjoy your meals outdoors than right now.

Whether you fancy a picnic in the park, want to socialise with a sizzling BBQ or enjoy a leisurely lunch in your garden, dining with nature as your backdrop is always a good idea. We’ve collected some of the best recipe ideas to suit your next alfresco adventure, from dips and sauces to easy desserts we’ve got you covered this summer season.

Dips & Spreads:

From tortilla chips to raw veggies, there are plenty of options that make the perfect pairing with your chosen dip. Why not give this easy Red Pepper Hummus a go, it’s a wonderful spin on your classic hummus and is sure to go down a treat at your next garden party. Or turn up the heat with this delicious spicy hummus for a flavoursome addition to your next picnic spread. Elevate your sandwiches with this home-made Aioli, or use it as a creamy vegetable dip for a garlic kick. Or why not add this zesty Tropical Avocado Salsa to your next Taco Bar or Fajita night, or serve it with grilled fish for a tropical appetiser.

Main Meals:

Did someone say homemade pizza? Yes please. Make your own pizza dough in your Vitamix blender and top with your favourite toppings and tomato sauce to build your own pizza. Please the little ones (or adults with a real sweet tooth!) and slather your dough with this delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and top with fresh berries and banana for a decadent dessert pizza. Mix it up and top your pizza with this Basil Walnut Pesto, or stir through your favoured pasta and serve at your next get-together for a simple yet tasty meal. Or add this Miso BBQ Glaze sauce to your veggie or meat skewers at your next BBQ for a unique flavour component; or season with this BBQ Date Dry Rub for a mouth-watering BBQ taste.


Accompany your burgers or BBQ’d meats with this Red Cabbage Coleslaw for a fresh and flavourful side option. Make this Pistachio Date Quinoa Salad for a heartier alternative to your standard salad, it’s as diverse as it is delicious, and goes perfectly with your traditional BBQ and picnics staples or serve warm on its own as your main to enjoy its full flavour. Or level up your side-salad with one of these dressings: Toasted Hazelnut and Pear Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Poppy Seed Dressing.


This Vegan Avocado Chocolate Torte and Silky Chocolate Tart (recipe by Eva Humphries at Wholefood Warrior) are both guaranteed to be all-round crowd pleaser’s, they can be made in advance, involve no baking and they both taste divine. Brownies are the perfect accompaniment to any picnic, these Whole Wheat Brownies are full of fibre and flavour and can be easily stored for your outdoor adventures. Finish your meal with a scoop or two of creamy healthy ice cream, whatever your flavour – strawberry, banana or raspberry – we’ve got a recipe for you. This refreshing Mango Coconut Sorbet is a lighter option, perfect for those balmy summer’s evenings and is vegan too!

Wherever you choose to enjoy your meal, be sure to enjoy the summer season with these delicious and healthy seasonal recipes to share good food with great company. So, are you feeling inspired to take your dining experience outdoors (whilst the British weather permits), yet?