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    Chocolate Avocado Pudding

    Avocado is great to give a creamy texture to any dish—and this dish is no exception. Velvety, lush, and sublime, it’s everything you’d want a special treat to be.

    Piña Colada

    A drinkable vacation with the sweet flavours of pineapple and rum—drink umbrella not included!

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    No mix here. This homemade daiquiri is made with the delicious flavour of whole strawberries for a perfect summer cocktail.

    Peach Bellini

    A smooth, peach purée is the base for this festive, Italian champagne cocktail.

    Brandy Alexander

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this after-dinner cocktail, a sweet and smooth blend of chocolate milk, ice cream, and brandy.

    Frozen Irish Coffee

    An iced coffee with whisky and Irish Cream Liqueur. Simply omit the alcohol for a wakeful morning beverage.

    Poppy Seed Dressing

    Apple cider vinegar gives this oil-free dressing a signature sweet-and-sour flavour.

    Harissa Vinaigrette

    Harissa, the popular hot pepper paste used in North African cuisine, steals the spotlight in this vinaigrette. Serve drizzled over our Charred Cauliflower Salad for a little extra kick.

    Raspberry Vinaigrette

    Tangy and sweet, this dressing can be made with fresh or frozen raspberries and enjoyed any time of the year.

    Gluten-Free Bean Flour

    An alternative flour for gluten-free cooking made from ground dried legumes.


    Add your favourite fresh toppings to this thin, crispy crust, or leave the recipe as-is for your cheese-only fans.

    French Bread

    A classic well-liked bread that can be served for dinner, made into sandwiches, or toasted for breakfast.

    Whole Wheat Banana Bread

    With a few simple substitutions, this high-fibre alternative offers all the flavour and moistness of the original.

    Cashew Milk

    Create fresher, more flavourful cashew milk at home. This recipe yields 4 1/2 cups of milk from just 1 cup of nuts.

    Oat Milk

    Oat Milk is a delicious and creamy, nut-free alternative to traditional plant-based milks.

    Rice Milk

    Turn cooked brown rice into a delicious, dairy-free milk.

    167 results